Gandalf Was One Smart Dude.

Don't know how many of you out there are Lord of the Rings fans, but in my family, both the books and the movies have given us a lot of enjoyment over the years. My husband and I have both read the trilogy several times, and were thrilled to introduce it to our teenage daughters, first with audiobooks, and then when the movies came out. Those three years that included a fall family trip to the Cinerama here in downtown Seattle to see each installment were priceless...years later we still talk about them (especially the solo guy, reeking of pot, who sat next to us during one movie and responded to the hobbits' love of pipe weed with a cheerful "Right on!"). Now our son is old enough to enjoy the movies, and last week we watched The Fellowship of the Ring with him. One scene in particular has stuck with me, in a way that it never did in previous viewings. Frodo has been forced by circumstances beyond his control to leave his home and go on a quest that may very well end in death, and he says to Gandalf: "I wish none of this had happened." Gandalf replies: "So do all who live to see such times, but that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us." Last time I watched this movie, I didn't have cancer (or at least I didn't know it yet). Now my life has changed so dramatically it's almost as if I'm a different person. Gandalf's words truly resonated with me this time. They sum up for me the only way to inhabit this new world of mine. Wishing that things had never happened will only hold me back, keep me from making the most of whatever span of time I'm given. It's funny...I expect the realm of fantasy to provide me with a little light entertainment, an escape from the daily challenges. I didn't expect to find wisdom during a evening of elves and popcorn.
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My husband and I are also Lord of the Ring fans. He was the one that introduced me to the movie. He saw the first movie @ the theatre with my nephew. When the movie came out on DVD he insisted that I see it. So I gave in and watched it. And was pretty upset when it ended, couldn't wait to see #2. My boys haven't seen the movie yet. We can't wait to see the Hobbits Tail.
That moment in the movie always got me.
Right on! (And, no, that wasn't me sitting next to you...)
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 Hmmm...are you sure about that, Bill?
 Let's see: "Reeking of pot" would put one in a frame of mind that would make remembering something *very* challenging. And I don't remember being maybe we can't rule it out! Hmmm.
LOVE the movies!! And that's a great quote!
Ann, isn't our journey thru life full of such wonderful AH HA Moments? How blessed you are to see the wisdom in them. I hope there was there butter on that popcorn woman! Hugs, Deb
Absolutely true. I see messages in everything now.
To borrow a line..."Right on!!"
That is so cool, Ann. I have not read the Lord of the Rings since High School..might be worth another read. Love Barb
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Dear Ann, Lord of the Rings was my inspiration going through Rads & Chemo. (That's why name tag is Lady of the Larynx.) I knew from the get-go that I'd be heading into the heart of Mount Doom to destroy the Ring (tumor). And from the start my Rad Oncologist said it was ok, if I wanted to call him Gandalf. Every once in awhile my husband & I indulge in a trilogy weekend. (And he is not usually a fan of fantasy.) Thanks for the Tolkien dearest inspiration to be the best cancer warrior I could be. I figure, one of the "perks" of fighting cancer is to be able to pick a larger than life epic, and own it as our cancer-fighting metaphor, Hugs, Nicole
I also thought of Lady of the Lake! I agree, a blog note would be a good idea..."What's in a Name?"
 That's so awesome! It's a great metaphor for the battle against cancer. I thought Lady of the Larynx was more of a Lady of the Lake/Arthurian reference, glad to know the correct origins.
Thanks for your comments Ann. I probably should write a blog about it. I mean, I labeled my journal Lady of the Larynx; snd the same goes for my warrior mask. It's probably time I gave credit to the great Tolkien for giving me the metaphor that sustained me through the Rads & Chemo. Thanks again for your Gandalf post, Ann. Who knows what inspiration lies ahead as a result? Hugs, Nicole  
I read Lord of the Rings during grad school, the only non-academic book I read in the whole three years, but after more than 40 years I don't remember all of the details, even though I wasn't smoking weed at the time...thank you for the quote, I will add it to my commonplace book. Lovely.
 What is a commonplace book?
I love LOTR! I remember as a kid reading The Hobbit and I was like WOW! This is for me, this is were I want to go. I will have to watch LOTR rings and catch that line from Gandalf. Love ya, Eli
 The Hobbit is coming out soon, from the same director as LOTR. Should be good!
I have not read any of the other 12 comments below mine, but I'm sure I will agree with all of them and hit the 'like comment' button. I'll just comment by saying: Right on! xoxo
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